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Balanced Energy Studios is a small Pilates studio offering services in Private, 
Semi-Private and small group instruction on the Pilates Reformer.  We also offer 
group Mat Pilates and Yoga classes.  Centrally located in Whittier California.

Pilates is an exercise system 
utilizing the Reformer that 
gives you an incredible core 
workout and full-body toning.

​Benefits of Pilates:
   • Core/Low Back 
   • Increased Flexibility 
       and agility
   • Muscle Tone & Strength
   • Hip Mobility
   • Shoulder Strength 
   • Increased Range of 
   • Postural Alignment
   • Full body conditioning 
   • A Sense of Well-Being

"Physical fitness is the first requisite 
of happiness"

Joseph Pilates
"Now is the time to balance your body with your mind."

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Balanced Energy Studios
15334 Whittier Boulevard
Whittier, California  90603
562-315-5556 • 562-743-8127

Reformer is a flexible, versatile system that grows with you .  The intensity can be increased as your body conditioning improves. No experience is necessary.  We have experienced instructors who will show you all you need to know.
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5 Dollar Yoga
Saturday, May 13th @ 7:45 AM

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doTERRA Essential Oils!
Gentle Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of 
yoga that is practiced sitting on 
a chair or standing using a chair 
for support.  Chair yoga poses 
are adaptations of Hatha yoga 
poses, created for the student 
who maybe unable to participate
 in a traditional yoga class.

Wednesday & Friday @ 10:30 am

Call or​ Schedule On-Line to reserve your spot.
We are proud to carry.... 

Hydro Flasks
Come in and check out all 
the cool colors!
6:00 am Reformer Classes...
Tuesday • Wednesday • Thursday • Friday
Free Itovi Scans
Tuesday, May 11, 2017
Appointments are being made, please call or text to 562.743.8127 to schedule your free scan
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Free Foot Soak
With doTERRA Oils
Tuesday, May 30th
Appointments are being made, please call or text to 562.743.8127 to schedule your FREE Foot Soak